torsdag 11. oktober 2018

Inkle ornament tutorial

Yes, this is a blog post in English... Sorry!

I've recently started weaving bands on an inkle loom, and got to find something to use them for. I found a photo of an ornament, but no tutorial, so I've made my own here after figuring out how to make them.

I've used a band that is 2,5cm/1" wide. Made by 12/4 cotton and has around 60 threads.

Step 1: Cut your band 45 degree angle. Secure end with glue to prevent fraying.

Step 2: Fold your band over. Remember to keep your longest point towards the middle. Hold firm with your fingers or use a clip to help you. Keep folding until you have finished three sides. 

 Step 3: Put your working end/band under the start end.

Step 4: Fold over one last time, and cut off your working end. Secure end with glue.

Step 5: Remove your clips, and tuck the end you just cut under the first fold. Keep tucking and pulling a bit until you have a flat square. 

Step 6: Add a tiny drop of glue on your ends to secure your work. Add tassel and hanging loop, and you're all done =)

I did find this idea online, and couldn't figure out who to credit. Please drop me a note if you know who's behind this idea, and I will add credit to this blogpost.

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